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Pre-vocational case studies

In early 2016 and with active support from Ofsted, the Education and Training Foundation with Holex completed a focused inquiry into the design and delivery of pre-vocational provision.

Prompted by the CAVTL ‘One Year On’ report, a Steering Group of key stakeholders came together to guide the development of a series of provider-led case studies, demonstrating the characteristics of pre-vocational provision across a range of settings. The six provider-led case studies which are featured here will be of particular value to organisations (leaders, managers, teachers and trainers) looking to design, develop and deliver pre-vocational programmes.

Following a concluding seminar the Foundation produced a ‘Summary paper and conclusions: the characteristics of pre-vocational programme design and delivery which highlights the core aspects of high quality pre-vocational provision and sets out a number of considerations which will be of interest to all involved in policy, planning and delivery.