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Teach Too

The videos and case studies from phases 1 to 3 of the Teach Too project provide insights into how providers and employers have been developing Teach Too practice and approaches, upskilling their staff and achieving improved outcomes for learners. The most recent phase 4 case studies are now available.

Teach Too

Teach Too: Solihull College: developing learning for apprentices in the workplace and broadening community links with employers

Teach Too: Nottingham College: working with SMEs to develop learners’ skills in the construction industry through work placements

Teach Too: Milton Keynes College: improving the line of sight to work in the construction sector for offenders and ex-offenders

Teach Too: Lincoln College: working with employers on a range of refurbishment techniques to provide a realistic work setting for learners

Teach Too: KM Training case study: delivering a series of employer-led masterclasses to support learners to move towards becoming dual professionals

Teach Too: Gateshead College: a collaborative approach to refocus curriculum content and delivery in the rapidly moving world of digital and computing sectors

Teach Too: Reading College: collaborating with employers to deliver maths in the context of the Green Car Project

Teach Too: Carshalton College: working with Mirobot on entrepreneurial robotics and physical computing'

Teach Too: Craven College: contextualising the design and delivery of maths with Swissport International Ltd

Teach Too: ELATT: supporting unemployed learners to enter the fast moving technology sector

Teach Too: Barking & Dagenham College: joint planning with business to develop occupational practice in data analysis

Teach Too: Blackburn College: working with local accountants to design and deliver core mathematics through SAGE

Teach Too: Kingston College: working with the hospitality, travel and tourism sector to support learner progression

Teach Too: Kirklees College: working with construction employers to develop occupational knowledge and teaching practice within new markets

Teach Too: Nelson and Colne College: a partnership with local employers within advanced engineering, manufacturing skills and knowledge transfer'

Teach Too: INTEC: developing skills in a digital age in partnership with Zarr Ltd

Teach Too: South Worcestershire College: developing learning materials in collaboration with Rotec Engineering Ltd

Teach Too: Fareport Training: retail skills swap - support for trainees and apprentices

Teach Too: UKTD: working with SMEs to develop online learning in the context of hairdressing apprenticeships