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EGaudience - Practitioners

Summary paper and conclusions: the characteristics of pre-vocational programme design and delivery

Preparing learners for employment and vocational study through the design of intensive courses:Wolverhampton Adult Education Service (WAES)

Cross agency collaboration to support those further away from employment: Newcastle City Learning

Staying on programme to succeed. A provider's perspective on improving retention and boosting choices: WMC - The Camden College

Securing a wider range of programmes through the development of quality hub of sub-contractors: Humber Learning Consortium (HLC)

An overarching vision and value frame to meet the needs of a broad range of learners: City College Peterborough(CCP)

Working closely with schools to achieve positive outcomes for young people: Bedford College

Teach Too: Reading College: collaborating with employers to deliver maths in the context of the Green Car Project

Two Way Street: Delivering skills in Construction - Barking and Dagenham College

Two Way Street: Buxton & Leek College and the Logistics and Transport sector

Two Way Street: Engineering Futures - collaboration in the Advanced Manufacturing & Engineering sector

Teach Too: Carshalton College: working with Mirobot on entrepreneurial robotics and physical computing'

Teach Too: Craven College: contextualising the design and delivery of maths with Swissport International Ltd

Teach Too: ELATT: supporting unemployed learners to enter the fast moving technology sector

Teach Too: Barking & Dagenham College: joint planning with business to develop occupational practice in data analysis

Teach Too: Blackburn College: working with local accountants to design and deliver core mathematics through SAGE

Teach Too: Kingston College: working with the hospitality, travel and tourism sector to support learner progression

Teach Too: Kirklees College: working with construction employers to develop occupational knowledge and teaching practice within new markets

Teach Too: Nelson and Colne College: a partnership with local employers within advanced engineering, manufacturing skills and knowledge transfer'

Teach Too: INTEC: developing skills in a digital age in partnership with Zarr Ltd

Two Way Street: Wirral Metropolitan College - developing expertise to work with SMEs

Teach Too: South Worcestershire College: developing learning materials in collaboration with Rotec Engineering Ltd

Teach Too: Oldham College: develops 'Employer Advisory Boards' showing the impact and benefits in working with employers'

Teach Too: Fareport Training: retail skills swap - support for trainees and apprentices

Teach Too: UKTD: working with SMEs to develop online learning in the context of hairdressing apprenticeships