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What other colleagues from the sector are saying about Teach Too

Find out more by accessing our latest case studies where employers and providers offer an insight into their experience of using Teach Too principles to support high quality teaching and develop employer partnerships. 

“The concept of working with employers sounds straightforward. However, in practice, effective arrangements need to be set up to develop and manage activity, clear objectives need be agreed which work for all parties, and the outcomes and impacts need to be identified and measured. One of the ways that the Education and Training Foundation is supporting providers and employers to develop effective collaborative partnerships is through the Teach Too development programme. Teach Too brings benefits for the teachers, trainers and employer staff that are directly involved, new ways for leaders and managers to grow their business and improve the quality of provision, as well as the positive impact for learners."

Alison Morris, Director for Sector Development
Education and Training Foundation (ETF)



"Projects that have a direct benefit to young people are a better investment in time and funding and this directly benefited the student. With Teach Too, students have broadened their trade skills in a real work environment and had the opportunity to work alongside experienced tradesmen and different members of the organisation. Hopefully this has given them a broader awareness of where their skills may lead, and also an insight to us as an organisation. Teach Too has proved to be a great success and we plan to run it again during the next academic year."

Construction industry partner with Lincoln College 

Think Big Developments  

"There is a strong case to argue that Teach Too supports the employer-driven curriculum vocational policy changes. It is a brilliant pilot scheme that is worth rolling out on a bigger scale. This project has been invaluable in paving the way for the technical route developments to be tried out."

Construction partners with Nottingham College


“We will maintain the Teach Too programme with Milton Keynes College and carry out visits and information sharing exercises which have been so valuable on an ongoing basis. In addition, some of the activities have a long lasting legacy. For example, the super trainers now in post will transform the delivery of the offender learning programme across the country. We were very impressed with the levels of engagement at each of the classes we visited; there was consistent respectful discussion, which was really good to see.”

Employer partner of Milton Keynes College


Barnet and Southgate College 

“We have developed a wide range of activity into the curriculum offer so it meets sector needs of our employers and inspires students. The Teach Too principles will be detailed in a self-assessment report and quality performance review, which we run three times a year to encourage staff to develop the curriculum and maintain high quality. We have found that staff have a new energy in delivering our new curriculum."

Kate James
Curriculum Manager, Childcare and Teacher Education

Gateshead College 

"Thanks to the Teach Too programme, we have totally realigned our study programme and reshaped our curriculum with the input from our employer partners."

Joanne Mills
Lead Practitioner

Arcus Animation Studios

“Anyone can get a qualification, that is the given. What matters is what sets them apart and it’s normally their live experience and experience within work placements.”

Marcus Du Laney
Executive Producer 

Enigma Interactive 

“From our experience it’s very important that students have that experience in industry cause essentially as soon as they graduate; they could come in and be productive and immediately get involved in projects.”

James Furniss
Client Services Director

Milton Keynes College 

“One of the key successes of the project has been to build on existing relationships with employers who have the same objectives as ourselves. For anyone starting to build these employer relationships it needs to be a win-win relationship from which all partners will benefit. The Teach Too project allowed teaching to be really relevant. For example, a qualification requires learners to construct a chimney from brick. Pre-built chimney stacks are increasingly used on site. On one construction site all the employees, apart from the site manager, were ex-offenders."

Maxine Bennet
Offender Learning

The Mary Ward Centre 

“The Teach Too project has enabled organisations to work in a more structured way to be more efficient and effective to the benefit of the VCO. Courses will be organised into more manageable chunks so that learners don’t feel overwhelmed and employers will benefit from responsive training programmes and courses."

Sue Craggs
Head of Adult and Community Learning

Nottingham College

"The project was very empowering in preparing potentially vulnerable learners for the world of work. The project focused on what matters to employers and then concentrated on making work experience relevant to employers’, as well as learners’, needs."

James Swift
Bid manager


Oldham College

“Knowing that personality is a major factor makes me feel more comfortable and I could act like myself in an interview. I now know what I need to aim for, I know what sort of company I want to work for, and this has shown me more options other than university.”