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Teach Too

Teach Too is about encouraging people from a range of different industries to spend some time teaching their work

Examples of Teach Too principles include: 

  • industry professionals teaching in provider or workplace environments, and/or contributing to curriculum development, whilst continuing to work
  • promoting the practice of teachers and trainers updating their industry experience
  • helping to build the ‘two-way street’ – genuinely collaborative arrangements between employers and providers.

Collaborative partnerships 


The Education and Training Foundation (ETF) has developed the Teach Too concept from different angles over the last few years. We set out to explore and evaluate different models of collaborative activity in design, delivery and assessment of programmes. The findings of the project show that these collaborative partnerships have produced significant short and medium-term benefits for employers, providers and learners, and enriched and strengthened local economies and communities.

Teach Too Phase 3 built on the principles identified through the earlier work and aimed to embed sustainable Teach Too practice across 12 small scale development projects, testing which models were effective at stimulating Teach Too activity and how to overcome identified challenges. Read the Teach Too Phase 3 Final report explaining this work.

Teach Too Phase 4

The next stage of Teach Too is now in development. It will focus on sharing the effective practice that has been identified, and in parallel, funding Teach Too activity across local and regional areas. Practical materials will be developed and tested to help a wider range of providers to improve their own practice. Case studies are available from the earlier phases of the work and can be found on the case studies page. Further details about the development projects funded through Teach Too Phase 4 will be available shortly.

“There is a big gap in the mapping of industry requirements and vocational qualifications. For us, Teach Too has made an attempt to bridge this gap and allowed the future workforce to work with industry experts in developing appropriate skills.” 

Deepa Chawla, Project Coordinator
ELATT Connected Learning