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Teach Too: Milton Keynes College: improving the line of sight to work in the construction sector for offenders and ex-offenders


The project shared occupational expertise between three partners: Milton Keynes College, and employers Wamitab and RMT Construction, along with work exchanges, to improve the line of sight to work in the construction centre for offenders and ex-offenders. The curriculum was updated to be as relevant as possible to industry needs and employers were supported to develop coaching and mentoring skills. As a result, employers have gained an enhanced understanding of barriers experienced by many offender learners, including low levels of maths and English. Ultimately, using Teach Too principles has enabled teachers and employers to have a better mutual understanding of the relevance of qualifications and industry ‘tickets’ and ‘licences’ for employability.

Web link for this resource: Teach Too - Milton Keynes case study.pdf