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Teach Too: Lincoln College: working with employers on a range of refurbishment techniques to provide a realistic work setting for learners


Lincoln College worked with ACIS, a housing association, and its repair subsidiary, Prime. College staff and students worked in collaboration with the employers on a range of refurbishment techniques to enhance employer-led curriculum innovation and update college lecturers’ skills and knowledge of a range of renovation and repair techniques. The project resulted in three different types of properties being refurbished and provided a realistic work setting for the learners. In doing so, college staff and learners engaged with a wide range of techniques, boosted by masterclasses and redesigned curricula, including plumbing, carpentry, decorating and plastering. The employer has strengthened its recruitment and delivery approaches for apprentices and one employee is now interested in exploring a teaching role at the college.

Web link for this resource: Teach Too - Lincoln College case study.pdf