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To achieve a sustainable, high quality TVET system requires a number of challenges to be met, not least the development of strong, forward thinking partnerships between employers and providers. It’s about work the report of the Commission on Adult Vocational Teaching and Learning (CAVTL) referred to this as the ‘creation of a sustainable VET system based on the 'two–way street.

In response, the Education and Training Foundation (ETF) commissioned a range of work and has developed a suite of materials which are now freely available through this site to support TVET providers and their employer partners:

  • strengthen and develop collaborative arrangements within the context of the broader technical and vocational curriculum, or more specifically in relation to the apprenticeship reforms;
  • access some of the most effective practice in the design and delivery of both vocational and pre-vocational programmes.


  1. Developing occupational expertise for contemporary work: A framework for innovation in TVET

Strong and dynamic partnerships provide the basis on which vocational education and training not only keeps pace with changes in work, but can also lead the way by acting as a seedbed for innovation at work and in education.

A framework ‘Developing occupational expertise for contemporary work’ is in the final stages of development. Large, small and medium-sized enterprises have been working closely with a range of education and training providers, supported by the Education and Training Foundation, UCL’s Institute of Education, and the Association for Employment and Learning Providers. Illustrating the key elements for developing occupational expertise through employer-provider partnership working, it will be of value to organisations seeking to transform their offer, develop their people and grow their business.

  1. Two-Way Street Leadership Exchanges

The Two-Way Street Leadership Exchanges were designed to encourage and model genuine and sustained collaboration between employers and providers; to ensure that leadership, management and governance in colleges and training providers focuses on a clear line of sight between learning and work.

The leadership exchanges took place during 2015. Their work and learning is now freely available to help you improve and strengthen your employer partnerships and support your future planning and delivery through sharing elements and perspectives from a number of the leadership exchanges that took place.

  1. Teach Too Development Programme

The ETF has commissioned a series of projects over the last three years to explore and develop the potential of working with occupational experts in the design and teaching of the curriculum.

The earlier projects had a focus on STEM, emerging industry sectors and the service sectors, and involved a broad range of providers whilst exploring the potential to embed maths within the vocational context. The developments are now available on the website through a series of case studies and supporting videos.

Phase 3 of the programme funded 12 small scale development projects to embed sustainable collaborative partnership working between providers and employers. The objectives of Phase 4, which is currently running, are to share effective practice from the previous phases and to incentivise Teach Too activity across local areas.

  1.  Pre-vocational Programmes

One year on, CAVTL recognised that ‘a strong vocational teaching and learning system supports pre-vocational provision’ but also identified that there are likely to be particular considerations when designing and delivering pre-vocational programmes.  

During late 2015, the Foundation commissioned a series of case studies in consultation with Ofsted, Holex and a range of partners and stakeholders. Aiming to showcase examples of effective practice across a range of settings involving both young people and adults, the project has also pulled together a set of recommendations for sharing more broadly.
Further information

The work of the Commission on Adult Vocational Teaching and Learning (CAVTL) has been instrumental in setting the context and providing a set of recommendations which have informed the commissioning and development of the Foundation’s VET programmes.  

To find out more about the work, outcomes and reports produced by the Commission on Adult Vocational Teaching and Learning visit the Excellence Gateway website.

To find out more about the work of the VET team visit the ETF website