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This exhibition site brings together examples of innovative practice in the design and delivery of Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET), featuring examples of work carried out over the past three years, including case studies, reports and videos.

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Teach Too

The Teach Too section illustrates the impact of occupational experts working in partnership with providers and take the time to teach, support learners and shape the curriculum, working alongside teachers and trainers.

"By using Google communities the engineers were able to provide coaching and mentoring to the teams of students remotely."    

The Green Car Project
Reading College

Two Way Street

The Two Way Street section illustrates how providers and employers have built strategic partnerships, the impact this is having on their practice and the lessons they have learnt. 

A strong TVET system also supports pre-vocational provision. The final section gives you access to a suite of six case studies and a summary report detailing the specific features and conclusions of the Education and Training Foundation’s (ETF) inquiry into the design and delivery of pre-vocational programmes.

Commission on Adult Vocational Teaching and Learning (CAVTL) report

The CAVTL report, ‘It’s about work… Excellent adult vocational teaching and learning’, identified the principles, characteristics and distinctive features of effective vocational teaching and learning. Key expressions from the report, such as ‘Two-way Street’, ‘Teach Too’, ‘clear line of sight to work’ and ‘dual professional’ have become part of the language of TVET professionals.  

The recommendations in the original report, together with the ‘One Year On’ review, have formed the basis for the ETF’s TVET programmes. Further background information is available by visiting the CAVTL section.

Featured resources

Teach Too: Phase 5 Case Studies:

The Teach Too Phase 5 Programme had 9 local collaborative projects and 9 organisational development projects.

Teach Too Phase 1-3 Case Studies:

Case studies and videos highlighting how employers are supporting providers in the co-design and delivery of vocational programmes, with a specific focus on contextualising Maths.

Two-Way Street:

Features and benefits of different models of employer/provider strategic partnerships.

Pre-vocational case studies:

A series of six case studies illustrating the features of effective practice - in a range of settings and to meet different learner needs.


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